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IDA CONSTRUCTION, is a union of professionals trying to be different than an ordinary building company that you can find in Altinkum area. Before we start we check that all the following is OK for you:

  LAND: The land is always on the right location which gives you the following     advantages:

  • Near to the main road - you will not face any problems reaching your home.

  • Near to the sea side

  • Has an investment potential - everyone has an exit plan at last, so you must not lose money when selling it.

PLANS: The plans are carefully made by professional architect team.

          We focus on:

  • Best use of closed and open spaces that you will enjoy living in the complex

  • Best use of light and view for every apartment.

  • We are not realizing square meters but dreams

CONSTRUCTION: Best quality materials are used with best care, laser beam levellers, laser beam meters are used for checking, most of the materials are new to the Didyma area, not foremens but engineers check and order everything. Safety of the building is the most important.

As general :

  • We double check everything before we start, so that we will reduce our expenses so we can use high quality materials all around the building.

  • We make arrangements of the materials we will be using before we start so we know when and where the materials will arrive

  • Planning - Planning - Planning - then moving



The Team:


Din�er Y�cesan

Engineer MSc. (ITU)

After 30 years of experience in many sectors including decoration, renovation, resale of decorative materials he is the team leader.


Kemal Mert

Construction Technician

He is the local man responsible for arranging the best skilled workmen, research for the best prices, finding the most efficient and nice looking materials. You can find him at the construction site.

e mail :



                       Batur Y�cesan

Civil Engineer MSc.

After he won his bachelors degree in YTU, he worked for construction inspection companies, checking the iron work, concrete work, curing, safety etc. Then while doing his master in ITU, he worked in a team working for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The team inspected more than 150 separate buildings and revealed reports about the seismic vulnerability. He is the nightmare of workers, the man on the spot... Before giving important decisions about the construction he is in charge.

e mail:

MSN  :


Oytun Y�cesan

Metallurgical and Materials Engineer

He is asked for the mechanical properties. Decides the best possible component when needed. Checks the new coming things.


Beg�m K�se

Geophysical Engineer

Before we start we ask her what to build underneath the building. She checks the soil, reports and tells us what to do...







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