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            About the Project :



Two detached residences with a pool.

The complex is located at one of the best beaches of altinkum. You will feel like swimming at your own bay which is only 35 meters away as well as far from crowded and noise. You can have your meals at your terrace in amazing view of sea, with your family. Also you can host your friends in the garden BBQ parties.


       It has its own, private connection road from the main road, will be decorated with antique tiles.

The area in front of the complex will be designed by the IDA construction which will remain a green garden and open space.

The land which lies beside the complex and the private road is reserved as non-constructed area by the Municipality of Didim so there will be no any surrounding buildings except your neighbors in the complex. When you take a glance from your terrace you will see the sea in front of you, the beach on the left and enjoy the trees and lovely grass at the right side. you also have the chance to listen to silence if you move to back terrace with the lovely mountain view with a cocktail on your hand. Choose any of the three type of apartments from 2 bed to 4 bed duplex apartments. Every room on every apartment has a sea or mountain view which won�t be lost!

          The beach is well known by the local people as "denizliler sitesi plaj�" as one of the best beaches in Altinkum and Didim region. As this complex is a bit far from the main beach and the city you will feel like having your private beach which is never get crowded. There is a market and a cafe located the opposite side of the beach which is 3 minutes walk and open 12 months! If you like to go to town center, scheduled minibuses pass till late hours in the night. We are also planning to provide a minivan and a driver for IDA COMPLEX house owners if needed at the summer season just for the gasoline consumption. 

          You will have a security, and enough workers for garden and pool maintenance including in the annual maintenance fee.

         Contact us for more details and any questions. We believe that you cannot find a better place in Altinkum region. Take this peerless accommodation into consideration. You won�t have another chance to live BY the sea.

         This apartments are also an important investment as you can not find an apartment close to the sea that much. Don�t miss this rear deal at these prices. 

About the construction:

            Remember that Turkey faces frequent earthquakes as there are live faults underneath Anatolia plaque. IDA construction cares for this fact and all ground surveys made and appropriate foundation system is applied with best care. Fabricated concrete is used and cured. To make even safer, interior walls were made with a special material which you can observe in the pictures. This combination of dense Styrofoam and small steel bars covered with special mortar gives more strength, it is much more lighter than ordinary brick wall, and has great isolation value against weather conditions and noise as well. The windows, doors, kitchen furniture, washbasins, tabs and every other single material used are approved by the Turkish Standards Institute. We give you our guaranty for any inconvenience about anything about the building. Take the chance to live the luxury of the best statically building system, best beach, silence ness, the park in front of you and many more...

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click here for the video clips...

First Block: key ready

Apt No 1 2 3 4 5 6
Type Flat Flat Flat Flat Duplex Duplex
Level Grt Grt 1st 1st 2nd+roof 2nd+roof
Living Room* 30 30 25 25 32,5 32,5
Bedroom**   16     24 24
Bedroom 16   18 18 12 12
Bedroom 12 12 9 9 11 11
Bedroom     8 8 8,5 8,5
Bathroom 4 4 3,5 3,5 4,5 4,5
Hall 4 4 3 3 6,5 6,5
Terraces 20 20 23 23 68 68
TOTAL (without terraces) 66 66 66,5 66,5 99 99
TOTAL    (with terraces) 86 86 89,5 89,5 167 167
PRICES (�) 65.000 62.000 76.500 73.250 135.000 125.000

          *with open plan kitchen

       ** en-suite (including WC)  


Second Block: ready in June 2008

Apt No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Type Duplex Duplex Flat Flat Flat Flat Duplex Duplex
Level Gr+1st Gr+1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd+roof 3rd+roof
Living Room* 42 44 37 37 37 42 41,5 41,5
Master Bedroom** 22 15,5 21,5 21,5 21,5 15 16,5 16,5
Bedroom 9 7,5 11 11 11 15 11 11
Bathroom 4 5,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 5 5 5
Hall 5 5,5 2 2 2 3 8 10
Terraces 22 15 7 7 7 14 50 50
TOTAL (without terraces) 82 78 75 75 75 80 82 84
TOTAL    (with terraces) 104 93 82 82 82 94 132 134
PRICES (�) 55.000 53.000 58.000 66.000 70.000 77.000 98.000 98.000
OFF-PLAN PRICES (�) 49.500 47.700 52.200 59.400 63.000 69.300 88.200 88.200

        *with open plan kitchen

       ** except no 2, all master bedrooms are en-suite.  

click here for the video clips...


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